Aquatic Exercise & Swim Fit classes

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Aqua Exercise

Get your body moving whilst giving yourself an energising workout in the water. Our fun and friendly water workout classes give you all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and provide natural levels of low-impact resistance that’s gentle on the joints.  Our water workout classes are suitable for any level of ability and mobility giving you all-round fitness.

All exercises take place in the shallow end, so you don’t need to be able to swim to make a splash in these sessions. Contact us to book into our aqua exercise class.

Junior Swim Fit

This class is suitable for children who are able to complete a distance of 50m freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and want to keep up their swimming fitness.  Sessions are 45min and focus is on stroke correction and endurance.  Group size maximum 10 children. Contact us for more information, times available and to book in.

Adult Swim Fit

Come and join a fun and motivating way to keep fit. Our aim is to ensure you leave each class feeling positive and confident, with improved techniques to practice until the next lesson.  Classes are designed for everyday people wanting to improve their swimming technique and general fitness. Sessions are performed at your own pace and provide stroke development, basic fundamentals of swimming, fitness training and speed work for variety. A great way to build fitness and reach goals while getting fit . Group size maximum 12 persons .

Contact us for more information, times available and to Book in.

Other Courses