Frequently asked Questions – Aquatic Training School

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  • Q: Where is the Swim Pool located?

    A: Our pool is located next to Nguyen Du School 267 Tran Nhan Tong, Cam Chau , Hoi An.

    Q: How long will it take to learn to swim?

    A: All children learn at different pace. We must never compare them against other children or try to rush or push them beyond what they are capable of. It’s just not possible to put an exact time on things however, we can tell you the more the children are exposed to water the quicker their progress is.

    Q: What will my child learn in the lesson?

    A: We have six levels at Aquatic Training School. All levels include teaching water safety skills.

    Level 1 – Entry level where children learn water familiarisation, confidence in the water, floating and submerging, kicking on front and back, dog paddle and water safety skills. All are supported by the teacher.

    Level 2 – Continue with skills learnt in level 1 and progress learning these skills to be able to do by themselves. Focus is on preparing for the next level.

    Level 3 – This is our intermediate level. We progress from learning dog paddle to learning freestyle and backstroke. This level is the most challenging and can take a number of lessons before assessment to the next level.

    Level 4 – In this level we are working on technique and strengthening our swimming skills for freestyle and backstroke and also introduce breaststroke.

    Level 5 – This level the focus is on correct swimming style and length of distances to swim. Breathing in the correct way for each swim stroke is reinforced and adjusted.

    Level 6 – We are at our last learn to swim level. Students perfect all the swim skills in preparation for junior swim fit group if they wish to continue to build their strength and fitness in swimming.

    Junior Swim fit class are for students who wish to continue swimming for fitness and fun.

     Q: How much do lesson cost?

    A: Lessons prices depend on the lessons that you wish to book for. Please talk to our staff for more information.

    Hỏi: Chi phí cho mỗi khóa học là bao nhiêu?

    Đáp: Chi phí mỗi bài học phụ thuộc vào từng bài học mà bạn đăng kí. Hãy trao đổi với tư vấn viên của chúng tôi để biết thêm nhiều thông tin hơn.

    Q: what time are lessons and what is available?

    A: Lessons are held Monday to Saturday times and lessons are as follows:

    Afternoon swim program 3pm-6pm

    Adult Learn to Swim – 3-3.30pm

    Junior Swim Fit – Tuesday & Thursday 6-7pm

    Adult Swim Fit – Saturday 11-12pm

    Q: Will my child have the same teacher each lesson?

A: Yes. They will have the same teacher each lesson. This will make sure that your child becomes familiar with the teacher and good progress is achieved. There maybe times when we will need a teacher to fill in. You will be booked into a class and a time to attend each lesson. Please make sure that you are on time for each lesson. late attendance may mean missing a lesson. Please be at the pool and have your name marked off 10 mins prior to your lesson. Lesson length is between 30 -45mins.

Q: What age can my child start to learn to swim?

A: We have Parent & Child classes for children from the age of 8 months up to adults. We cater for all ages and abilities.

Q: what other classes do you have?

A: We have the following additional classes

Parent & Child classes – Saturday 10.30 -11.00am

Aqua exercise – Wednesday and Saturday 11.45-12.30pm

Junior swim fit – Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm

Adult swimfit – Saturday 11-12pm

Summer Swim intensive Program – 1-5 and 15-19July 11-11.30am

Summer Swim & Survive Program – 12-16 August 11-12pm

Q:  How to I book lessons?

A:You can book into lessons by completing the booking form on our website or by emailing us at or come see us at Nguyen Du Pool any afternoon Monday -Saturday you can by contact us by phone on

0320 597 640

Q: How Will I Know Which Group My Child is In?

A: Each child will be assessed on the first lesson and placed in the appropriate level.  Each group will have a maximum of 3 children in level 1 and 2 maximum of up to 5 children level 3 and 4 and in the higher levels there will be up to 8 children.

 Q:What Should we Bring to each lesson?

A: We strongly advise that all participants wear appropriate swim clothes. Please do not wear shorts and T-shirt in swim lessons. This will slow the progress of learning to swim. Swim wear can be purchased from us.   Swimming cap & goggles are required to worn. Children will also learn to do activities without these items during their lesson. Please bring a water bottle.  Even though we will be in water hydration is essential. Warm, dry clothes for after their lesson as It can become chilly so please ensure you bring these with you as well as Something to eat (we all get hungry after a swim)

 Q: What if the weather or conditions are not favourable?

A: Lessons will always go ahead in the rain – we are going to get wet anyway! We will make every effort to hold classes if the weather is not so good, however, we will always approach classes with safety first in mind. If the weather is determined to be too bad or if there are any dangerous situations like lightning we will need to cancel.

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