Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Aquatic Training School – Swim Vietnam is a Social Enterprise for profit Organisation which has been established for the following:

To promote, teach, train and encourage the arts of swimming, water safety and life saving skills

To educate the public in providing and maintaining appropriate swimming facilities.

To promote the learning of swimming, water safety, life saving , first aid and rescue skills.

To affiliate with other kindred bodies as may be effected from time to time by the board members, whose objectives are aligned with the social enterprise, and are bodies determined as being worthy by the social enterprise.

To provide a talent pool of qualified swimming instructors, teachers and trainers to engage in the tuition of swimming, water safety and lifesaving , first aid and rescue skills throughout Vietnam.

To commit to keeping 100% of the social enterprise’s annual profits (if any) to continue to serve the purpose of preventing and reducing the incidence of drowning within the community

Aquatic Training School proudly supports Swim Vietnam Charities mission of providing children with free survival swimming skills that could save their life, as well as water safety education to help them make good choices around water – especially when unsupervised. Sixteen people drown every day in Vietnam; over half of whom are children. For more information regarding Swim Vietnam, its board of Trustees and the work they do, please follow the link to their website: TRUSTEES