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Social Enterprise is profit Organization which is established for the object following:

– Adult, child training and supporting NGO activities along with higher-level products and services

– The market that the SE will towards include the private enterprises operating in the field of: hotel – restaurant

Encourage, teach, training and Encourage the art of swimming, safty under water and life saving skills. To educate for everybody on providing along with maintaining the swim basis. To promoting to learn swim, water safty, emergency skills and rescue. From time to time, The members of the council will cooperate with other competent bodies to achieve the objectives of the social enterprise and the social enterprise determines to be valuable.

To provide to a talent teaching staff, teachers who have enough to conditions to take part in learning swim, water safty and lifesaving, first aid and rescue skills in Viet Nam.

Commit to keep 100% of social enterprise’s annual profits (if any) to continue to serve the purpose of preventing and reducing drowning in the community.